Specialty: “Folk singing”

Professional field: “Musical and performing arts”

Profession: “Musician-vocalist”

Specialty: “Folk singing”

Duration of training: up to 1.5 years

Form of study: Day, evening, distance

After completing the vocational training in the profession “Musician-vocalist”, specialty “Folk Singing”, the trainee will have acquired the following practical skills and theoretical knowledge:

  • Knowledge of music theory
  • Knowledge of the stylistic and genre changes in the course of the development of music through history
  • Ability to creatively perform diverse ensembles and solo repertoire
  • Knowledge of teaching and training techniques aimed at students and amateurs
  • Performing with a diverse vocal repertoire
  • Ability to perform modern interpretations of Bulgarian folklore

Completion of one or more modules / disciplines is certified by a Vocational Training Certificate.

The full course of study (covers all modules / disciplines) provides an opportunity to obtain a third degree of professional qualification in the profession “Musician-vocalist”, specialty “Folk Singing”.

Vocational training for obtaining a degree of professional qualification ends with taking state exams in theory and practice of the profession and specialty.

Upon successfully completing the professional training and state exams each trainee acquires Certificate of Professional Qualification.