Specialty: “Tourist animation”

Professional field: Travel, tourism and leisure

Profession: “Animator in tourism”

Specialty: “Tourist animation”

Duration of training: up to 1.5 years

Form of study: Day, evening, distance

After completing the professional training in the profession “Animator in tourism”, specialty “Tourist animation”, the trainee will have acquired the following practical skills and theoretical knowledge:

  • Providing sport animation in Bulgarian and foreign languages.
  • Providing children’s animation in Bulgarian and foreign languages.
  • Providing folklore animation in Bulgarian and foreign languages.
  • Providing hotel animation in Bulgarian and foreign languages.
  • Ensuring the safe execution of the various types of animation programs.
  • Basic knowledge of procedures in case of fire, flood, terrorist act or other unusual event in the places for tourist animation.
  • Preparation of reports on the animation events.

Completion of one or more modules / disciplines is certified by a Vocational Training Certificate.

The full course of study (covers all modules / disciplines) provides an opportunity to obtain a third degree of professional qualification in the profession “Animator in Tourism”, specialty “Tourist Animation”;

The assessment of knowledge is carried out on three levels – initial, intermediate and final. Grades are based on a six-point scale;

Vocational training for obtaining a degree of professional qualification ends with taking state exams in theory and practice of the profession and specialty.

Upon successfully completing the professional training and state exams each trainee acquires Certificate of Professional Qualification.