Specialty: “Word Processing”

Professional field: “Applied Informatics”

Profession: “Computer Operator”

Specialty: “Word Processing”

Training period: up to 6 months

After completing the vocational training in the profession of Computer Operator, specialty “Word Processing”, the trainee will have acquired the following practical skills and theoretical knowledge:

  • Observation and application of the rules for OHS and personal protective equipment when working with computers and office equipment.
  • Knowledge of the application and implementation of the basic rules for working with a computer
  • Performing basic administrative activities related to information processing, implementation of written communication, work with computer equipment, reporting and control
  • Knowledge of the basic operations when working with the operating system and graphical user interface
  • Ability to create, enter text and / or graphics through a scanner and process (edit, format, etc.) various documents
  • Applying the tools for automation, work with tables, work with graphic objects, diagrams, etc.
  • Ability to add bookmarks and hyperlinks to text, usage of Mail Marge
  • Ability to create and edit data in spreadsheets and their areas
  • Following basic data formatting operations
  • Introduction and usage of formulas for basic operations
  • Utilization of tools for organizing data in lists
  • Knowledge of different internet browsers
  • Utilization of e-mail clients and related software
  • Creation of animations of objects in frames, text animation using toolbar Animation Effects
  • Organization of the workflow in the office
  • Monitors and takes care of the computer

Completion of one or more modules / disciplines is certified by a Vocational Training Certificate.

The full course of study (covers all modules / disciplines) provides an opportunity to acquire a first degree of professional qualification in the profession “Computer Operator”, specialty “Word Processing”;

The assessment of knowledge is carried out on three levels – initial, intermediate and final. Grades are based on a six-point scale;

Vocational training for obtaining a degree of professional qualification ends with taking state exams in theory and practice of the profession and specialty

Upon successfully completing the professional training and state exams each trainee acquires Certificate of Professional Qualification.