Specialty: “Economics and Management”

Professional field: “Administration and management”

Profession: “Economist”

Specialty: “Economics and Management”

Duration of training: up to 1.5 years

Form of study: Day, evening, distance

After completing the professional training in the profession “Economist”, specialty “Economics and Management”, the trainee will have acquired the following practical skills and theoretical knowledge:

  • Assisting the employer in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace
  • Participating in the establishment of an organization for the implementation activities towards environmental protection
  • Assisting the organization in managing risk and emergency situations
  • Knowledge of the basics of market economy
  • Knowledge of the basics of entrepreneurship
  • Formed entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Active participation in the development of business plans
  • Processing information with ICT
  • Usage of different communication channels
  • Creating digital content with ICT
  • Ensuring security when working with ICT
  • Problem solving in working with ICT
  • Communicating effectively within the work group/team
  • Leading effective business communication
  • Usage of profession specific terms in a foreign language
  • Optimizing labour activities in the work process and work hours
  • Upholding organizational standards
  • Recognizing changes in the business environment and their impact on the company
  • Following company policy and organizational culture
  • Processing of specific documentation
  • Developing SWOT analysis of the product and the market
  • Analysing the competitiveness of a product or service
  • Assessing information about the micro and macro environment
  • Organizing marketing research
  • Composing a marketing mix of the product or service
  • Knowledge of the basic regulations in accounting
  • Knowledge of the property of the enterprise for the means of accounting
  • Processing documents in connection with the performed business operations
  • Applying the normative regulation, regulating the economic activity in the enterprises
  • Participating in the development of a business plan of the enterprise
  • Usage of tools for preparing cost norms for labour, materials, energy, etc. according to the company policy
  • Applying management and control techniques in organizing the activities of the enterprise
  • Offering techniques for motivating staff in enterprises
  • Processing documentation related to the activities of the enterprise
  • Analysing the condition of the tangible assets of the enterprise
  • Analysing the state of human resources in the enterprise
  • Selecting asset and service providers
  • Organizing activities related to risk management

Completion of one or more modules / disciplines is certified by a Vocational Training Certificate.

The full course of study (covers all modules / disciplines) provides an opportunity to obtain a third degree of professional qualification in the profession of “Economist”, specialty “Economics and Management”;

The assessment of knowledge is carried out on three levels – initial, intermediate and initial. Grades are based on a six-point scale;

Upon successfully completing the professional training and state exams each trainee acquires Certificate of Professional Qualification.